Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Film February FAQs

If by "frequently", you mean questions that I have asked myself over and over and over again.

What cameras are you using?
For Film February, I am currently using my trusty Fujifilm Instax Mini, an inherited Welta Weltax, a newly purchased Holga 120, and a couple of disposable cameras. I’ll share the last two with B. 
I'd also like to use some other inherited cameras: an old Kodak Instamatic and an inherited SLR - if I figure out how to work them.

Why February?
It’s the shortest month of the year, it starts with “F”, it was soon (I started thinking about this early December, so I was getting antsy).

What does this mean for your instagram?
I don’t know. Things might be slow until my first batch of film is developed. I might just post old photos. I will allow myself some digital pictures if the concept is directly related to something. Maybe I’ll allow digital photos of instax photos. I made the rules for myself so I will allow myself to add addendums as I deem fit.

Can I do it too?
Always. #MyFilmFebruary so we can be besties.

photos taken with a Welta Weltax and processed and scanned by Alpine Film Lab

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Raptor Dance

I never met a dance contest I didn't like. This is the full-length version of my Raptor Dance for the Sonnet James Dance Off.