Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I haven't posted in over a year, but I'm avoiding accomplishing things so naturally, this seemed like a good time to write a blog post.

This is obviously an unrelated photo
I took at Huntington Beach in March.
One of my methods for coping with stress is to overthink in lists. Here, I will share the results of this obsession.

Current obsession: big ticket clothing purchases.
My list:
- a leather jacket made out of actual leather.
- a white dress (I'm thinking the Spell and the Gypsy Olivia dress and yes I realize it's sold out).
- Chelsea cargo pants from Athleta (in olive and black - please don't buy them in my size because I'd like them to still be there when I finally pull the trigger).
- the Spiritual Gangster Wild Thing Savasana Pullover
- a whole lot of shoes: some comfortable peep toe block heels (frontrunner: Naturalizer), nude dress sandals (hey Easter bunny - Sam Edelman Patti in a 6M please), a new pair of FitFlops, some joggers (or Adidas?), Clarks booties (maybe like three pairs), those Sanuk flip flops made out of jersey...
- swimsuits x 100000

Bonus list: places I want to go in 2017
- New York sisters trip (and mom!!) to see Anastasia on Broadway*
- Idaho for the Idaho Falls temple open house
- Power Squad trip to wherever that happens
- Sayulita (lovers trip with my boyfriend to stay at Petit Hotel Hafa)
- Banff (in August. with the kids.)
- Idaho (for B because he loves it there)*
- Philadelphia with MBA friends to pretend we're on a job hunt*
- bonus of the bonus list: places I want to go in 2018
     - study abroad in Europe
     - glamping in Bear Lake with the kids for my 10th Imagiversary
     - San Francisco on an MBA Entrepreneurship trip
     - Austin on an MBA Entrepreneurship trip
     - Las Vegas for the MAGIC convention

*these are actually planned.

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  1. someday we'll make it to banff. anf WOOHOO for that sf trip.